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Vision Electric Buses

More businesses and organizations are turning to electric vehicles for their transportation needs. If you operate a school system or other organization in North or South Carolina, Gregory Poole Bus Sales is your one-stop headquarters for Vision Electric buses from Blue Bird. These revolutionary vehicles offer an efficient and affordable solution that adheres to the decades-long tradition of Blue Bird quality.

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Capacity Up to 77 passangers
Charge Time 3-8 hours
GWR Up to 33,000 lbs
Range Up to 120 miles

Consider All the Blue Bird Vision Electric Benefits

Upgrading your bus fleet by adding Vision Electric vehicles can provide numerous benefits for your district:

  • Reduced operating costs: With electric buses, you don’t have to purchase gasoline or diesel fuel. They also have fewer parts and components to maintain, and there’s no need for oil changes. Simplified maintenance can substantially reduce your organization’s labor expenses.
  • Environmentally friendly: The Vision Electric is a clean-burning vehicle that doesn’t rely on fossil fuels. Therefore, it releases zero emissions into the atmosphere. 
  • Temperature control: These electric buses deliver reliable performance in virtually any weather conditions.
  • Buying incentives: Many grants are available when purchasing electric buses, making them more affordable for budget-conscious school districts and organizations.

About Blue Bird Vision Electric Buses

Blue Bird is a widely recognized industry pioneer. The company was the first to market electric school buses in 1994. The Vision Electric bus is a shining example of this leading manufacturer’s commitment to advanced vehicle innovation and technology.

This full-size bus can accommodate up to 77 passengers, making it ideal for morning and afternoon school routes, athletic events, field trips, church outings and other activities. Blue Bird can design and manufacture each bus to your specifications, ensuring it meets your organization’s unique needs. 

The Blue Bird Vision Electric bus features a state-of-the-art TM4® SUMO electric motor powered by a 155 kWh Cummins PowerDrive Lithium Ion NMC battery. Depending on terrain and driving habits, the bus can run for up to 120 hours on a single charge. The motor features integrated telematics control software that simplifies vehicle management and maintenance. 

The battery fully recharges in just 8 hours to ensure the bus is ready to roll the next day. You can also deploy a fast-charging option to reduce the time to 3 hours. 

Why Choose Gregory Poole for Your Transportation Needs?

As the exclusive Blue Bird dealer for North and South Carolina, Gregory Poole offers a complete selection of Vision Electric buses for sale that are ready to transport students and staff wherever they need to go. We also offer flexible financing options, making them easier to purchase. 

You can count on us to provide exceptional product support after the sale. We offer access to an assortment of essential replacement parts with 24-hour delivery from our suppliers. Additionally, we can take care of all your service, preventive maintenance and repair needs.

Learn More About the Blue Bird Vision Electric Bus Line

Discover all the advantages Blue Bird Vision Electric buses from Gregory Poole can bring to your school district or organization. Take the next step and contact us for more information today. We'll be happy to provide a no-obligation quote.