1829 mm (72 in) Pipe & Pole Forks

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A Cat® Wheel Loader equipped with a Cat Pipe & Pole Fork is perfect for transporting, loading and unloading long lengths of pipe and poles — either single or multiple pieces. The upper arm of the Pipe & Pole Fork can be moved up and out of the way allowing the fork to work like a pallet fork handle other material.

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Carriage Height - Closed Clamp 52in
Carriage Height - Open Clamp 123.7in
Interface Type Fusion™ Coupler
Load Capacity 7400.9lb
Required Hydraulics 3rd Function
Tine Length 72in
Tine Spacing - Maximum Width 96in
Tine Thickness 3in
Tine Width 8in
Weight 4301.2lb
Width 100.7in