Cargador de minería subterránea R1300G

The Cat® The R1300G is our smallest underground loader, but with a breakout force of 12 020 kg (26504 lb) and 117 kW (157hp) of engine power, it brings maximum production capability to smaller mines. Productivity is enhanced thanks to a smaller turning circle compared to competitive machines. It offers a larger fuel tank so it can run longer between refilling, and superior bucket reach and bucket dump for better loading and faster emptying. An operator favorite, the R1300G features excellent loaded weight distribution, ride control and seat suspension for maximum comfort. And to raise the bar on air quality in your mine, you can equip your R1300G with an optional diesel particulate filter. The R1300G is an ideal match for the Cat AD22 truck.

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Bore 4.75in
Desplazamiento 640.75in³
Modelo de motor Cat® 3306B DITA
Engine Power - ISO 14396:2002 157HP
Nota (1) Power ratings apply at a rated speed of 2,200 rpm when tested under the reference conditions for the specified standard.
Nota (2) All rating conditions are based on ISO/TR14396:2002, inlet air standard conditions with a total barometric pressure of 100 kPa (29.5 in Hg), with a vapor pressure of 1 kPa (0.295 in Hg), and 25° C (77° F). Performance measured using fuel to EPA specificat
Nota (3) Engine derate will commence at an altitude of 4500 m (14,763.7 ft).
Golpe 6in
Breakout Force - SAE 26504lb
Gross Machine Mass 65482lb
Capacidad de carga nominal 14991lb
Static Tipping Load - Full Turn - Lift Arms Horizontal 39397lb
Static Tipping Load - Straight Ahead - Lift Arms Horizontal 45360lb
Nota *Calculated weights.
Operating Mass + Rated Payload* 60682lb
Operating Mass + Rated Payload* - Front Axle 41105lb
Operating Mass + Rated Payload* - Rear Axle 19577lb
Operating Mass* 45691lb
Operating Mass* - Front Axle 16810lb
Operating Mass* - Rear Axle 28881lb
Adelante - 1 2.8 millas/h
Adelante - 2 4.8mile/h
Adelante - 3 9.3mile/h
Adelante - 4 16.3mile/h
Reverso - 1 2.8 millas/h
Reverso - 2 4.8mile/h
Reverso - 3 9.2mile/h
Reverso - 4 14.3mile/h
Dump 2s
Lower, Empty, Float Down 2.3s
Raise 5s
Total Cycle Time 9.3s
Dump Bucket - 1 3.2yd³
Dump Bucket - 2 3.7yd³
Dump Bucket - 3 - Standard Bucket 4.1yd³
Dump Bucket - 4 4.4yd³
Ejector Bucket 3.1yd³
Articulation Angle 42.5°
Axle Oscillation 10°
Inner Clearance Radius 111.2in
Outside Clearance Radius 225.1in
Tire Size 17.5 × R25
Sistema de refrigeración 17.7gal (US)
Engine Crankcase - With Filter 6.6gal (US)
Front Differential and Final Drives 10gal (US)
Tanque de combustible 77.9gal (US)
Tanque hidráulico 23.2gal (US)
Rear Differential and Final Drives 11.1gal (US)
Transmisión 11.9gal (US)
Estándares ROPS/FOPS Certified Cab

Equipo estándar:

  • Eléctrico
    • Alternator, 75-amp
    • Receptacle group, auxiliary start
    • Battery Disconnect Switch, Ground Level
    • Starter, electric, 24-volt
    • Conector de diagnóstico
    • Engine Shutdown Switch
    • Lighting:
      – External, front, rear
      – Stop, single
    • Batteries, low maintenance
    • Alarm, reversing
    • Starting and Charging System
  • Tires, Rims, And Wheels
    • Rims:
      – Tubeless, set of four
    • Tires must be selected from the Mandatory Attachments section, choose between:
      – Tire, 17.5 × R25 VSMS L5S Bridgestone
      – Tire, 17.5 × R25, VSDL Bridgestone
  • Entorno del operador
    • Caterpillar Electronic Monitoring System (CEMS), (dash instrument panels)
    • Horns, electric
    • Instrumentation/gauges:
      – Speedometer/tachometer
      – Fuel level
      – Hydraulic oil temperature
      – Engine coolant temperature
    • Light, warning, residual brake
    • Pilot Hydraulic Implement Controls, Single Joystick
    • Cab, ROPS and/or FOPS certified
    • Steering and Transmission Integrated Control (STIC) Steering
    • Seat, Suspension Tee with retractable seat belt
  • Tren de Potencia
    • Engine:
      – Cat 3306B six cylinder, diesel
      – DITA (Direct Injection, Turbocharged, Aftercooled)
    • Prelimpiador, toma de aire del motor
    • Fuel Priming Aid
    • Brakes, full hydraulic enclosed wet multiple-disc (SAFR)
    • Heat Shields
    • Conversor de par
    • Transmission Neutralizer
    • Transmission, automatic planetary power shift (4F/4R)
  • Otro equipo estándar
    • Guards, engine and transmission
    • Bucket Dump (3.1 m3/4.1 yd3)
    • Catalytic Exhaust Purifier/Muffler
    • Cap, Radiator Manual Release
    • Decals, International Picto Graphics
    • Service oil sample
    • Fenders, Front, Rear
    • Firewall
    • Handholds
    • Hydraulic Oil Cooler, Swing Out
    • Valve, drain, transmission oil filter
    • Protection bars, rear frame
    • Radiator Grill, Swing Out

Equipo opcional:

  • Tires, Rims, And Wheels
    • Rims:
      – Tube, set of four
      – Spare (Tube or Tubeless)
      – Rim Identification Numbering
  • Optional Equipment
    • After-Treatment Options
      – DPF (Flow Through)
    • Brake Release Arrangements, Includes Steering Release
      – Recovery Hook
      – Recovery Bar
    • Bucket:
      – Cutting Edge, Bolt-On
      – Cutting Edge, Cat Weld On
      – Heel Shrouds, Ejector and Dump Buckets
      – Lip Fully Welded or Tack Welded
      – Mechanically Attached Wear Plate System (MAWPS)
      – Various Sizes, Dump (2.5 m3/3.2 yd3, 2.8 m3/3.7 yd3, 3.4 m3/4.4 yd3), Ejector (2.4 m3/3.1 yd3)
      – Standard Lip or Bolt-On Lip
      – Wear Bars, Ejector and Dump Buckets
      – Wear Liner
    • Covers:
      – Guard, for lift arm and front frame lights
      – Rear Grill (Additional Bolt-On Guard)
    • Draw Bar Attachment, Bolt-On
    • Fast Fill System:
      – Coolant
      – Engine Oil
      – Fuel
      – Hydraulic Oil
      – Transmission Oil
    • Fluids
      – Arctic Fuel
      – Arctic Coolant
    • Lifting Group, Mine Transfer
    • Lubrication System
      – Automatic
      – Centralized
    • Operators Station ROPS/FOPS Enclosed
      – Air Conditioning
      – Cab Pressurizer and Filter
      – Dome Light
      – Door Strut
      – Heater
      – Radio Ready Compartment for Radio and Speakers
      – Wiper Control, Intermittent
    • Park Brake Automatic Activation
    • Park Brake Switch Engagement
      – Push to Apply
      – Pull to Apply
    • Reflective Tape
    • Remote Control Interface (excludes Transmitter and Receiver), Includes Warning Lights (Green)
      – Cattron
      – RCT
    • Reversible Steering
    • Ride Control System
    • Rim
      – Tube Type
      – Tube or Tubeless (chain ready)
      – Spare (Tube or Tubeless)
      – Rim Identification Numbering
    • Secondary Steering System
    • Service Tools
      – Recovery Bar (for use with Brake Release, Recovery Bar System)
      – Reference Parts Manual for Additional Tooling Available
    • Switches
      – Idle Timer
      – Lift Arm Positioner
      – Transmission Neutralizer Override Switch
      – Transmission Pressure ABA Park Brake Engagement
  • Entorno del operador
    • Operator's Station ROPS/FOPS Enclosed:
      – Air Conditioning
      – Cab Pressurizer and Filter
      – Dome Light
      – Door Strut
      – Heater
      – Radio Ready Compartment for Radio and Speakers
      – Wiper Control, Intermittent
    • Instrumentation/gauges:
      – Brake pressures
    • Secondary Steering System
  • Tren de Potencia
    • Engine:
      – After-Treatment Options – DPF (Flow Through)
    • Reversible Steering
    • Park Brake Automatic Activation
    • Park Brake Switch Engagement – Push to Apply/Pull to Apply
    • Radiator, High Efficiency