Energía eléctrica

Where would your business be without reliable back-up power systems? Whether you work in general construction, industrial processing, healthcare or data storage, having access to dependable electrical generators, engines and related power products is an operational necessity. Gregory Poole Power Systems strives to be a sole source provider of power system solutions capable of helping your business remain productive and regulatory compliant in virtually any environment or application.

Gregory Poole Power Systems serves Eastern North Carolina, providing Cat® clean diesel and natural gas engines for electrical generation, industrial engines, temperature control, compressed air, and power quality applications. From emergency standby, Peak Shaving, Prime Power and continuous power generators to switchgears, distribution equipment and co-generation packages, you’ll find everything you’re looking for within our extensive inventory. Our experienced sales team will assist in analyzing your requirements to determine the appropriate load size and performance specifications to meet your needs.

Cuando te asocias con nosotros, te beneficias:

  • Asistencia para el diseño de sistemas de energía personalizados
  • Supervisión de la instalación y la aplicación del producto
  • Mantenimiento en curso
  • Una gama completa de piezas, servicios y accesorios
  • Asistencia para el análisis de costos
  • Flexible financing options

Soluciones integrales para sistemas de energía

As the authorized Cat dealership for eastern North Carolina, we offer exclusive access to electrical power generators that set the bar for performance, dependability and efficiency. In addition to a complete selection of new products, we also maintain an extensive rental fleet to meet your temporary project requirements. When you’re responding to a natural disaster, replacing equipment being repaired or tackling a one-time application, our rental services often make the most sense. We offer:

  • Flexibilidad en los alquileres diarios, semanales y mensuales o a largo plazo
  • Fast service and exceptional product availability
  • Lugares convenientes para alquilar sistemas de energía en el este de Carolina del Norte
  • Conocimiento del producto sin igual y apoyo técnico en vivo

Connect with Gregory Poole online, on the phone or in person at one of our branch locations for more information. Delivering power systems capable of helping your business maximize productivity: We’re Built for It.

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