CP68B Compactador vibratorio de suelos

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The CP68B provides exceptional performance for cohesive and semi-cohesive soil compaction applications.

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Peso operativo - Con cabina 32370lb
Weight - Drum with Cab 20387lb
Ancho de compactación 84in
Despeje del terreno 17.5in
Velocidad de viaje - Máxima 7 millas/h
Turning Radius - Inside Drum Edge 12.08ft
Modelo de motor Gato C4.4 con ACERT
Poder bruto 157HP
Diámetro del tambor 51in
Drum Diameter - Over Pads 61in
Ancho del tambor 84in
Height - With ROPS/FOPS or Cab 10.25ft
Optional Blade Height 27.1in
Longitud total 19.83ft
Overall Length - With Blade Option 21.5ft
Ancho total 7.67ft
Overall Width - With Blade Option 8,25 pies
Base de la rueda 9,58 pies
Centrifugal Force - Maximum 67600lb
Centrifugal Force - Minimum 31670lb
Amplitud nominal - Alta 0.083in
Nominal Amplitude - Low 0.039in
Variable Frequency Option Range 23.3 - 30.5 Hz (1400-1830 vpm)
Vibratory Frequency - Standard 30.5 Hz (1830 vpm)
Neumáticos 23.1 x 26
Capacidad del tanque de combustible 64gal (US)