Cat® C18 Diesel Fire Pump

Cat® C18 Fire Pump Engines, with ratings: 447-597 kW (600-800 hp)@ 1750-2100 rpm, meet U.S. EPA Tier 3 or U.S. EPA Tier 2 emission standards for stationary emergency fire pump engines. Rating: 522 kW (700 hp) @ 1500 rpm is Non-certified. All ratings are FM Approved and UL Listed. Starting on demand is a must for a fire pump engine – always. Cat® fire pump engines have a reputation for reliable starts and long efficient service. The C18 is the newest addition to the Cat fire pump engine line and continues the strong legacy of dependable starts and long, durable life.

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Maximum Power 800HP
Minimum Power 600HP
Velocidad nominal 1500-2100 rpm
Emisiones U.S. EPA Tier 3, Tier 2 or Non-certified emission standards for stationary emergency fire pump engines. FM Approved, UL Listed
Aftertreatment -
Aspiración Turbocharged Aftercooled (TA)
Bore 5.7in
Relación de compresión 16.3:1
Desplazamiento 1104.5in³
Engine Configuration Inline 6, 4-Stroke-Cycle Diesel
Rotación desde el extremo del volante En sentido contrario a las agujas del reloj
Golpe 7.2in
Altura 54.3in
Longitud 74.7in
Weight - Net Dry - Basic Operating Engine Without Optional Attachments 4306lb
Ancho 42.6in

Equipo estándar:

  • Sistema de entrada de aire
    • Dual turbocharger: front and rear inlet (5.0 in)
    • Separate Circuit Aftercooled (SCAC)
    • Optional Air Cleaner - dual element, installed
  • Sistema de carga
    • Charging alternator 24 volt, 50 amp
  • Sistema de control
    • Dual Electronic Control Units (ECU), primary and secondary with auto switching capability
    • Gobernador electrónico, control de velocidad de la toma de fuerza
    • Estrategia de inicio del modo frío
    • Compensación automática de altitud
    • Compensación de potencia para la temperatura del combustible
    • Programmable low and high idle and top engine limit
    • Diagnóstico electrónico y registro de fallos
    • Engine monitoring and protection system (speeds, temperature, pressure)
    • SAE J1939 broadcast (diagnostic, engine status, and control)
  • Sistema de refrigeración
    • Thermostats and housing, vertical outlet
    • Bomba de agua de chaqueta, accionada por engranajes, centrífuga
    • Heat exchanger installed
    • Tanque de expansión
    • FM Required Raw Water Cooling Loops: 1.5" iron, horizontal or vertical, 1.5" 316 stainless steel, horizontal or vertical, 2" iron, horizontal or vertical (2100 rated rpm only), or 2" 316 stainless steel, horizontal or vertical (2100 rated rpm only)
  • Sistema de escape
    • Exhaust manifold, dry
    • Dual turbo: exhaust elbow, dry 203 mm (8 in)
  • Volantes de inercia y carcasas de los volantes de inercia
    • SAE No. 1 flywheel
    • SAE No. 1 flywheel housing
    • Rotación estándar SAE
  • Sistema de combustible
    • Electronic unit injector
    • Fuel filter, secondary (2 micron)
    • Bomba de transferencia de combustible
    • Fuel sample valve, mounted on fuel filter base
    • Primary fuel filter / water separator
  • Instrumentación
    • Digital Display mounted in Junction Box, LH side of engine. Displays: Oil pressure, Fuel pressure, Charging voltage, Coolant temperature, Raw water temperature, and Engine hours
  • Sistema de lubricación
    • Crankcase breather, front valve cover
    • Refrigerador de aceite
    • Lube oil filter
    • Front sump oil pan
    • Oil filler
    • Oil dipstick
    • Bomba de aceite
  • Sistema de montaje
    • Front and rear support
  • Despegues de energía
    • Eje del volante de inercia
  • Sistema de protección
    • Stop-Start System, automatic (compatible with NFPA 20 requirements, able to be energized from either of two battery sources and capable of manual starter actuation)
  • Sistema de arranque
    • 24 volt, LH electric starting motor
    • Jacket water heater (3 kW, 120-240 volt)
  • General
    • Amortiguador de vibraciones y protector
    • Levantando los ojos
    • Cronometraje variable automático, electrónico
    • Paint - fire pump red

Equipo opcional: