Motor de propulsión marina C280-8 (U.S. EPA Tier 4)

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Building on the durability and reliability of the C280 engine platform, Caterpillar is pleased to offer the EPA Tier 2 compliant C280 engine line. The core components are the same as the existing C280, including the latest in EUI fuel system capabilities and state-of-the-art ADEM™ A3 Electronic Control Unit (ECU) features. Caterpillar® products continue to deliver more available power while delivering outstanding fuel efficiency. You can also count on long maintenance intervals and worldwide Caterpillar parts and service availability.

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Rango de potencia 3299-3634 bhp (2460-2530 bkW)
Aspiración TA
Bore 11in
Configuración In-line 8, 4-Stroke-Cycle Diesel
Desplazamiento 9031in³
Emisiones EPA Tier 4, OMI III
Rotación desde el extremo del volante Counterclockwise or clockwise
Rango de velocidad 1000 rpm
Golpe 11.8in
Altura máxima 104in
Longitud máxima 195in
Ancho máximo 71in
Peso seco mínimo 41800lb
Altura mínima 104in
Longitud mínima 195in
Ancho mínimo 71in

Equipo estándar:

  • Sistema de entrada de aire
    • Post-enfriador, agua dulce, revestimiento resistente a la corrosión (lado aire)
    • Cierre de la entrada de aire
    • Respirador, cárter, montado en la parte superior
    • Turbocharger, engine oil lubricated
  • Sistema de control
    • Dual Caterpillar A-III Electronic Engine Control Modules with Electronic Unit Injector Fuel System
    • Rigid Wiring Harness (10 amp 24volt power required to drive Electronic Engine Control Modules)
  • Sistema de refrigeración
    • El agua del refrigerante del motor se drena
  • Sistema de escape
    • Un colector de escape seco y hermético a los gases
  • Sistema de combustible
    • Distillate fuel (requires viscosity ranging from 1.4 cSt to 20 cSt at 38 degrees C)
    • Fuel transfer pump (mounted on left hand side)
    • Filtros de combustible dúplex
    • Inyectores de unidad controlada electrónicamente
  • Lube Systems
    • Centrifugal oil filters with single shutoff. Service side engine mounted on cylinder block inspection covers. Includes installed oil lines and single shutoff valve. Filters centrifuge bypass oil from the main lubricating oil pump. Can be serviced with the engine running.
    • Relleno de aceite y varilla
    • Valve, oil pressure regulating
    • Valves, crankcase explosion relief
  • General
    • Pintura, amarillo oruga
    • Pumps, gear driven: fuel, oil, jacket water, aftercooler/oil cooler water

Equipo opcional:

  • Engine Application/design Control
    • Crankshaft Deflection Marks
    • Extra Mounting Feet
  • Engine Package Description
    • Auxiliary Drive
    • Stub Shaft Certification
  • Sistema de entrada de aire
    • Limpiadores de aire
  • Sistema de refrigeración
    • Auxiliary Water Pump
    • Jacket Water Heaters
    • Heat Recovery System
    • Heat Recovery Thermostats
    • De-Aerator
    • Connections for Driven Equipment
    • Cooling System Connection Groups
  • Sistema de escape
    • Outlet Expander
    • Flexible Exhaust Fittings
    • Weld Flange
  • Sistema de combustible
    • Fuel Priming Pump
    • Duplex Primary Fuel Strainer
    • Fuel Systems Connections
  • Sistema de lubricación
    • Oil Pan Drain Valve
    • Lube Connections
    • Lube Oil Heater
  • Requisitos de la Sociedad Marina
    • Spray Shielding
  • Sistema de protección
    • Monitoring System
    • ECP Relay System Options
    • ECP Mechanical Gauge Instrument Panel
    • Turbocharger Speed Sensor
    • Cylinder Pressure Relief Valve
    • Oil Mist Detector
    • Protection System Components
    • Cableado
    • Magnetic Pickup
  • Spare Parts Kits
    • Intake and Air System
    • Basic Engine
    • Cabeza de cilindro
    • Sistema de combustible
    • Sistema de refrigeración
    • Instrumentación
    • Cylinder Valve Kits
  • Sistema de arranque
    • Boost Control Valve, Pressure Reducing Valve
  • Engine Testing
    • Basic System Testing
    • Special Witness Test
    • Customer Selected Test Points
    • Marine Limit Line Test
    • Propeller Demand Curve Test
  • Service Tools/ship Protection/factor Support
    • Puesta en marcha
    • Service Tools
    • Shipping Protection - Export Boxing
    • AID Emblem
    • Storage Preservation