548 Máquina forestal

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Get more forestry performance from the Cat® 548 Forest Machine. Purpose built for high production work, the 548 optimizes engine, hydraulics, technology and controls delivering peak efficiency and productivity. Enhanced hydraulics, specialized versions and work tools mean you can equip this machine for your specific forestry tasks.

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Desplazamiento 428in³
Modelo de motor Gato C7.1
Engine Speed - Operation 1600r/min
Engine Speed - Travel 1800r/min
Poder bruto 204HP
Potencia bruta - 1.800 rpm 204HP
Número de cilindros 6
Estimated Operating Weight without Attachment - General Forestry, Processor 77942lb
Maximum Drawbar Pull 70320lbf
Maximum Speed - Rabbit 3 millas/h
Maximum Speed - Turtle 1.6 millas/h
Maximum Swing Speed (GF) 9.3r/min
Swing Torque (GF) 64441ft·lbf
Auxiliary Pump - Reach with Rotate: Maximum Flow 34.1gal/min
Auxiliary Pump - Reach with Rotate: Maximum Pressure 1499psi
Auxiliary Pump - Reach with Rotate: Pump Drive Gear Ratio 1.28:1
Main Pumps - Maximum Flow - Both Pumps 119.4gal/min
Main Pumps - Maximum Flow - Per Pump 59.7gal/min
Maximum System Pressure - Heavy Lift Mode 5511psi
Maximum System Pressure - Implements 5076psi
Maximum System Pressure - Swing 4424psi
Maximum System Pressure - Travel 5076psi
Sistema de refrigeración 7.9gal (US)
Tanque DEF 12.2gal (US)
Cárter del motor 6.3gal (US)
Final Drive - Cada uno 2.9gal (US)
Fuel Tank - CWT 261.4gal (US)
Sistema hidráulico - Total 75.3gal (US)
Tanque hidráulico 46.2gal (US)
Swing Drive 2.4gal (US)
Despeje del terreno 30.5in
Medidor de vía 110.6in
Longitud de la pista 198.2in
Undercarriage Pitch 8.5in
Boom Height 147.4in
Distance Between Idler and Sprocket Centerline 158.2in
Despeje del terreno 30.5in
Height of Tilted Side Entry Cab 137in
Altura total 164in
Overall Length (Reach) 495.7in
Radio de giro de la cola 137,8 pulgadas
Medidor de vía 110.6in
Longitud de la pista 198.2in
Width - With 700 mm (28 in) Shoes 138.1in