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Control CostsRevenue is nothing without cost management. Just imagine that your business is thriving and growing, adding new customers and doing great work. You’ll never be able to truly scale if your costs and expenses are out of control. We’re talking about materials, labor, insurance, fuel and more.

At Gregory Poole, we offer you access to Cat Technology and Services, a suite of tools and services that helps you sniff out the areas and specific costs that are bleeding your business dry and preventing it from scaling. If the expenses are adding up at your job sites and you don’t know why, Cat Technology and Services is designed to do the investigating for you, delivering specific and unique insights that can transform your operation — saving money and increasing profits. If you’re interested in learning more about controlling costs, download our Whitepaper below to find out how using machine data can help drive down your costs.

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    Here’s a look at specific ways Cat Technology and Services helps your operation better control costs:

    • Equipment Management Services: Your equipment and other assets can siphon money away from your bottom line if you’re not careful. With Equipment Management Services take advantage of third-party expertise to control costs related to asset use, maintenance and health. This includes specific and actionable steps you can take to coax the most value out of your equipment, getting the greatest possible return on your investment in assets. You no longer have to wonder if your equipment is running efficiently, or whether you should repair equipment or replace it.
    • Productivity Services: Create guaranteed production results when you choose to use Cat Technology and Services. This tool can help your team set up job sites to maximize cost control, as well as identify ways to reduce waste site-wide. Cat Connect can also help identify opportunities to train your operators and team members in ways that will help better control costs. Cat Technology and Services looks at everything related to your job site, searching comprehensively for ways to reduce costs without hurting quality or productivity.
    • Safety Services: Safety failures can be expensive. Accidents can cost you money, and so too can fines and other penalties imposed by safety regulators. Cat Technology and Services can help manage your team members’ workload in a way that reduces fatigue and related mistakes. It can also help alert you and your team when job site activity could result in a fine. A safe job site is a job site that is less expensive to operate, and Cat Technology and Services helps you create the safest job site possible.
    • Cat Link saves you money by helping identify and eliminate wasted time and materials. We’ll make it easier to make smart, more informed business decisions in real time by monitoring fuel burn, managing downtime and documenting working hours (to increase resale value later on).
    • Cat CompactReach compaction targets in fewer passes. Fewer passes mean less fuel use, less man hours and less component wear.  That means reduced costs.
    • Cat GradeCat Grade reduces operating costs by getting to grade faster, saving fuel and component wear. Reduce jobsite (unit) costs by eliminating or reducing material overruns and grade stakes, while speeding up job changes and project completion.

    When you want the most efficient, safe and productive job sites possible, Gregory Poole is here to help. As your authorized Cat dealer serving eastern North Carolina, we can provide consultation in tandem with Cat Technology and Services that helps you make the most of your job sites, delivering the best possible service and results for your customers. Let us know when you’re ready to see Cat Technology and Services in action, and we’ll demonstrate the possibilities.

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