Turn Data into Profit with Cat® Link Telematics Technology

When you need to improve your business and take the next step in its growth, you need tools that help you achieve those goals. Cat technology and services is an intelligent suite of hardware, software and dealer services that can aid you in making the most of your Cat equipment as well as your team members’ performance.

Cat technology falls into several different categories, one of which is Cat Link. Cat Link is a tool that’s always gathering bits of data. This data may relate to your assets and equipment, your job sites, your team members and other aspects of your business. But data alone is meaningless — which is why Cat Link analyzes this data and serves it back to you in easy-to-digest bites. These insights are displayed via an easy-to-understand and completely accurate digital interface.

Cat Link — A Valuable Asset to Your Operation

What types of insight can Cat Link deliver? Take a look at the following:

  • Find out when, where and how your assets are being used.
  • Determine idle time and fuel burn, as well as how to reduce both.
  • Identify assets that aren’t performing profitably.
  • Figure downtime and how to manage in a way that reduces it.
  • Document working hours to increase resale value.
  • Find training opportunities for your team members.
  • Motivate operators to improve performance by  comparing individuals’ productivity and idle time numbers.
  • Determine the occurrence of unsafe activities, as well as accident prevention and training recommendations.

And one of the best aspects of Cat Link is that it delivers all of these insights through one interface. Imagine having everything you need to know about a job site in front of you in one spot.

Cat Link is just one portion of the overall suite of Cat technology and services. But it’s a highly useful technology that can play a transformative role in your company.

Trust Gregory Poole for Your Equipment Needs

At Gregory Poole, we’re been serving business owners in Eastern North Carolina for more than 70 years. We’re always keeping and maintaining the best of the best in tools and equipment so that you always have access to the latest and most innovative tools for your work.

Cat technology and services, including Cat Link, are part of this latest wave of innovative tools for construction professionals and those working in similar industries. If you’ve been wanting to improve and optimize your business but just haven’t known how, Cat technology and services is like a magic wand you can wave over your operation. You’ll find out things you never could have possibly discovered about your company’s work, and you can make changes and improvements that never would have been possible without advanced technology.

We can help you get up and running with Cat technology and services. In tandem with our consultation, Cat technology and services can be a tool that takes your business from Point A to Point B in the time it takes for you to act on its recommendations. Make sure you’re getting the most out of your business, its equipment and its people, when you choose to add Cat technology and services to your existing suite of tools.

Contact us today about Cat technology and services and how it can help improve your business and your work.

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Do you want to do more work every day, make more money, get more from every operator and work more safely? As one component of Cat Technology and Services, Cat Link telematics technology can help with all of those challenges.  Cat Link makes it easy to see what’s going on with individual machines, whole fleets or entire jobsites – no matter what make equipment you run.  Receive useful insights automatically via one digital interface.

How Does It Work?

  • Product Link™ hardware collects data from your assets—any type and any brand.
  • Then VisionLink®, the easy-to-use web interface, turns that data into insights about asset location, operation, health, productivity and more.
  • Use it to make decisions that boost productivity, lower costs, simplify maintenance, and improve safety and security on your jobsite.

Get Connected

  1. The Hardware – For new Cat equipment, simply activate the telematics hardware built into your machines. For older equipment, other brands and other types of assets, we can help you install Product Link quickly and easily.
  2. Choose a data subscription.
    1. Locator Service – Location, Geo-fences, Maintenance
    2. Basic Service – Locator Service PLUS Hours, Asset Utilization
    3. Essential Service – Basic Service PLUS Fuel Level & Utilization, Safety & Operator Abuse, Fault Codes & Health Alerts, Cycles & Payload
  3. Plan How to Use the Data – Manage the data and insights internally or we can deliver actionable insights on a regular basis.