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Work SafelyYou value your team members. There’s no amount of profit or level of productivity that would be worth a sacrifice in job site safety. But did you know increased safety can often times help increase profit and productivity? All you need is the right tool that can deliver the right insights.

At Gregory Poole, we’re proud to make Cat Connect available. It’s an intelligent suite of hardware, software and dealer services that can help identify opportunities for improved safety — and the enhanced profit and productivity that comes with it. Cat Connect can look across your business and help in so many different ways. Here’s how it helps your company increase safety:

  • Equipment Management Services: Equipment and component failure are often what put your team members at risk. Equipment Management Services allows you to take advantage of third-party expertise to monitor the performance of your equipment and components, alerting your team before failure occurs. By anticipating failure and the need for repair, maintenance or replacement, your team’s work never reaches that risky area where equipment and components fully break down.
  • Productivity Services: When you choose to use Cat Connect, you get an analysis of any job site, as well as recommendations on how to set up that job site for maximum productivity, efficiency and safety. Cat Connect can help you design a job site that moves your people as far as possible from harm’s way. Cat Connect can also recommend specific trainings that will help your team members do their best work in the safest way possible.
  • Safety Services: Cat Connect can help plan schedules that minimize fatigue for all of your workers. It can also uncover gaps that may exist between perceptions of safety among managers and workers. Finally, Cat Connect helps promote the safest possible environment, reaching down to the front line employees and getting them invested in the idea of creating the safest possible job sites.
  • Cat Link lets you know when unsafe actions occur so you can act quickly and identify improvement opportunities – even when you aren’t onsite.
  • Cat Detect can alert the operator to people or objects in danger zones or control who operates a specific machine and when.

Many business owners want to maximize their companies and deliver the best possible results. But, unfortunately, it’s often difficult to see past the day-to-day to create systems and structures that help achieve those objectives. That’s why Cat Connect can be such an ideal tool for your operation. You don’t have to analyze your work. Cat Connect does it for you and makes the recommendations. All you have to do is follow through.

At Gregory Poole, we can provide consultation as part of Cat Connect, helping you make the most of this tool. Businesses throughout Eastern North Carolina are falling short of their peak potential. With Gregory Poole’s help and support, you can use Cat Connect to make the changes you didn’t even know you needed to make — tweaks and shifts that can help your business be more productive, more profitable and safer

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