GPS, VisionLink & Equipment Manager

GPS, VisionLinkTM and EMSolutions

For more than 90 years, the Caterpillar® company has been driving innovation across their entire line of machines. The company has built its reputation on heavy equipment and power systems that incorporate sophisticated technology to make operation and maintenance simpler, more intuitive and more economical.

Gregory Poole is your exclusive Cat® dealer in the eastern portion of North Carolina. In addition to selling the latest machines by Cat and allied brands, we offer long-term technology and equipment management support for government agencies in our area. Here’s a look at some of the powerful technology exclusive to Cat that’s helping our clients stay productive and profitable.


8M1A0796-imgVisionLink is a web-based platform for monitoring the health, location and usage of your entire fleet of Cat equipment. The client-side portal of the Product Link™ system, VisionLink uses GPS technology to track assets in real time and provides many extremely useful fleet management tools. With it, you can:

  • Identify inefficiencies in your processes and shortcomings in the training of your staff
  • Manage fault codes and other maintenance items
  • Schedule downtime more effectively by anticipating when your equipment will need service
  • Detect problems that are costing you money and take corrective action

VisionLink is the successor to Equipment Manager and is available for any machine that you can retrofit with the Product Link platform. This includes both Cat and allied equipment, making it the perfect choice for mixed fleets.


Product Link and VisionLink are important parts of effective fleet management, and the first step in the Cat EMSolutions program. Cat EMSolutions begin by giving you access to information that helps you make more effective decisions about your equipment. From there, you can choose to expand our role in the process. Take advantage of our reporting and consulting services, or you can outsource your equipment maintenance entirely to the Gregory Poole team.

Whatever role you need us to play, it starts with the insights available only through VisionLink and Cat GPS technology. To learn more about your options, give the Gregory Poole service team a call today. We’ll assess your fleet and internal capabilities to determine the best package for you.