Asphalt Roller Rental

Rental Asphalt Roller

If you have a temporary need for durable and productive compaction equipment, renting from a reliable local source helps reduce costs while increasing capabilities. Gregory Poole carries an extensive range of asphalt rollers for rent designed for cost-efficient, high-performance compaction in the most challenging applications. No matter the drum width, model size, power and capacity requirements, our experienced team will help you find a solution for your short or long-term needs.

What Can an Asphalt Roller Be Used For?

Asphalt compactors can address broad applications, from paving to soil and landfill compaction needs. Whether for construction, grading, road building or other requirements, an asphalt roller can handle the job with dependable performance.

Pavement roller rentals come in two main types — single drum or double drum. Single drum rollers have one steel drum at the front and two pneumatic tires in the back, offering increased stability. Double drum rollers have drums in both the front and the back of the machine to deliver increased compaction power.

At Gregory Poole, we can help you find the precise configurations and model types to fit your requirements. Work with us to get the capabilities you need for any job site.

Benefits of Using an Asphalt Roller

When you choose a pavement roller rental to fit your requirements, you’ll get several operational advantages, including:

  • Optimized performance: We offer equipment from leading manufacturers so you can get robust performance for the most demanding jobs in the industry.
  • Operational flexibility: Whether you need an asphalt roller for multiple projects or a specific application, this equipment provides the capabilities you need.
  • Maximized uptime: With trusted performance and minimal maintenance requirements, you can keep your operations running seamlessly and cut down on downtime.

Renting Asphalt Rollers From Gregory Poole

We offer daily, weekly, monthly and custom rental terms based on your unique project specifications. When you rent an asphalt roller from us, you only pay for the machine you need while you have a use for it. Renting eliminates the significant expense of purchasing new, allowing you to access late model, low hour equipment capable of peak operating performance.

You can talk with our representatives about our asphalt roller rental prices and find the best option for your needs. We’ll help you identify a solution at a cost-effective price point to handle your applications.

Choose Gregory Poole for Asphalt Roller Rentals Near You

With over 70 years of experience in the industry, Gregory Poole offers extensive expertise and resources to meet your operational requirements. We’re here to help you find the precise configurations you need for your applications, and we also provide ongoing rental support once the equipment is at your job site. Serving clients throughout eastern North Carolina, we can provide trusted solutions for your equipment needs as quickly as possible.

If you’re interested in exploring our small asphalt roller rental selection, our team is ready to assist you. Browse our selection of rental asphalt rollers, and contact us for more information and to request a free quote.