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GPLink: Monitoring & Diagnostic Solutions

gplink is a cost effective way to monitor your critical power generation equipment 24/7, even during severe weather events. It provides control at your fingertips, with website review and options for remote start and stop of your equipment.

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gplink protects your generator while you are away by monitoring engines and critical systems including:

  • Coolant temperature
  • Oil Pressure
  • Average Volts
  • Average Amps
  • Engine Hours
  • Battery Voltage
  • Coolant Temperature
  • Oil Pressure
  • RPM
  • Average Volts
  • Average Amps
  • Phase A Volts
  • Phase B Volts
  • Phase C Volts
  • Phase A Current
  • Phase B Current
  • Phase C Current
  • KW/Reading/Power Factor
  • Fuel Differential Pressure
  • Exhaust Temp
  • Remote Stop/Start Including e-stop
  • Generator Running
  • Warning Common Alarm
  • Shutdown Common Alarm
  • Low Fuel/High Fuel
  • Gen Breaker Open
  • Battery Charger Failure
  • Not in Auto
  • Low Oil Pressure Shutdown
  • High Coolant Temp Shutdown
  • Spare
  • Generator Supplying Load
  • Remote Start Signal Active
  • Over-speed
  • Over-crank
  • Over-voltage

Through a secure interface you can log onto to display the status of your generator at anytime from any location. You can track the location of portable generators, log up to 7 years of generator history and identify potential problems before they happen. With gplink on duty, our technicians can enhance your experience by keeping your generators running.

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