Common Customer Challenges

At Gregory Poole, we are proud to deal in Caterpillar® products, quality and durable equipment that helps companies and operations of all kinds do their best work throughout eastern North Carolina. But how do you get the most out of that equipment? It’s often better to start with the problem rather than trying to guess at the solution.

We hear from our customers about all types of different challenges. That said, we often hear about some of the same challenges over and over. Here’s a look at the four most common ones our customers experience:

  • Increase Production: How quickly can your team get work done in a quality fashion? That’s the question at the heart of productivity issues. Lower productivity means lower revenue, and higher productivity means higher revenue. Tools available through Cat Technology and Services can help identify specific ways in which your team can get more done without sacrificing either quality or profitability. You can grade more efficiently, load more accurately, compact more quickly and hit your targets every time when you take advantage of Cat Technology and Services .
  • Control Costs: How much waste exists in your daily work? Doing jobs over again, ordering too much material, burning too much fuel, getting the wrong insurance. All of this is costing your business money and reducing margin. Cat Technology and Services includes tools that help reduce errors, eliminate idle time and generally minimize waste. No longer do you have to sit by helplessly as costs and expenses spiral out of control. Get more done while spending less when you use Cat Technology and Services .
  • Improve Operator Performance: You can only get the most out of your equipment when you have skilled operators. Cat Technology and Services finds ways to simplify your operation, to reduce operator fatigue and to identify training opportunities that expand your number of available operators. You get the most out of your existing team members, and you help those without experience get the training and find the motivation they need. When you have the best in equipment, you need the best in operators — and Cat Technology and Services helps you train and motivate them.
  • Run a Safe Operation: Safety should always be first and foremost on job sites. There’s no greater productivity or profitability that’s worth the well-being of your team members. Cat Technology and Services helps ensure your team and your equipment all make it through each workday as safely as possible. The unique tools let you better monitor what’s going on at job sites, even when you’re not there. Additionally, Cat Technology and Services also helps keep operators focused on the job at hand, while ensuring that only properly trained team members are using specific equipment.

The Cat Technology and Services system of hardware, software and services helps customers solve certain problems or overcome certain challenges. With the consultation of Gregory Poole team members, you can use Cat Technology and Services to choose the technology or services that help with any of the issues listed above — or that helps with unique issues at your business.

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